Bruce Springsteen The age of hybrid music forms persistently signals that it is time to stop stuffing music into folders and start enjoying listening unconditionally. In that sense, it would be unrealistic to expect from one rock and roll thunder-exponent to deliver another “Born to Run”, now that he has reached the point in his life when he no longer has to prove himself... Bruce Springsteen: Western Stars Bruce Springsteen: Western Stars David Bowie The biggest concern I had writing this article was should it be placed in Play or Rewind category. Although majority of these six songs are heard by now in other releases, atmosphere that they are revealing sorted together on "Clareville Grove Demos" shed more light on Bowie's work to me. David Bowie: Clareville Grove Demos David Bowie: Clareville Grove Demos Fruit Bats Summer eventually came, as we were all concerned for it during the rainy half of June, and even though I was hopping that the new Broken Bells album will be out by now to get me in the summer mood, ultimately I am rewarded with "Gold Past Life" from Fruit Bats... Fruit Bats: Gold Past Life Fruit Bats: Gold Past Life Nick Cave I've been wondering for a while which records should I choose to write about here on hiplister, for the very beginning of this little project, and the only reasonable choice was to go back to when it all started for me... Nick Cave: The Boatman's Call Nick Cave: The Boatman's Call Coldplay There's been couple of years since I totally forgot that Coldplay ever existed. Last two albums did not ring my bell, but since hiplister is affirmative cyber existence I will not say that they were bad, just not my thing. And then... Coldplay: Parachutes Coldplay: Parachutes Craig Finn Sometimes I want to say that Craig Finn has made the same album again, changed a few names, addresses, maybe the people who inspire him have changed, but they all resemble each other; he has exchanged chords with that part of himself belonging to The Hold Steady, washed his face two times before going to the supermarket. Craig Finn: I Need A New War Craig Finn: I Need A New War Glen Hansard It is sad that Glen Hansard has still not reached the level of studio recordings that we expect of him longingly, but the albums are getting better and better, and the songs are more and more connected to his melancholic masculine music appearance, so with each new album, we're really looking forward to hear the next one. Glen Hansard: This Wild Willing Glen Hansard: This Wild Willing

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