I’ve been wondering for a while which records should I choose to write about here on hiplister, for the very beginning of this little project, and the only reasonable choice was to go back to when it all started for me.

“The Boatman’s Call” was released in 1997 when I was in the first grade of high school. I clearly remember that day in small local store when I saw this tape with black and white cover, between dozens of other tapes so poorly related to it in every way that it almost felt it doesn’t belong there. Of course, by then I already saw “Where The Wild Roses Grow” on local TV channel, and as a boy who’s been only listening to regional rock bands, pretty logical first thought that came to my mind was “Who the f*ck is this dude with Kylie?”. Long story short, that cover with disturbingly high contrast between his bloodless face and black hair and eyebrows become my obsession in months to come.

Ohhh, and that record gave me so much; not just those 12 hyper emotional songs which were opposite of everything that I’ve been listening to until then, but the directions in which it pointed me from that moment on. It released me from chains of genres and suddenly I was swimming in endless sea of music, always hungry for more. Naturally, I immediately went back down the Cave’s discography, all the way to Boys Next Door, especially because people who were much longer into Cave’s work than me were disappointed by this record (I don’t understand why and never will), so I was almost afraid of what am I missing… And it was worth it. On that path a bunch of other artists were introduced to me as well… I had goth phases, punk phases… and all that because of “The Boatman’s Call”.

From that day on, I never missed another Nick’s new record, for more than 20 years now, and every time he announces new material I’m feeling exactly the same as that 14 year old boy who’s sitting in front of that crappy, cheap cassette player, thinking about finding love worth of listening to the “(Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For” together, with all its over the top, almost pathetic and at the same time slightly ironical lyrics that marked me for my whole life.