There’s been a couple of years since I totally forgot that Coldplay ever existed. Last two albums did not ring my bell, but since hiplister is affirmative cyber existence I will not say that they were bad, just not my thing.

And then, while messing around with my music collection on PC I ran into “Parachutes”. In a split second I felt the same as when I first played this album. All distant memories, situations and emotions that are closely related to it came to me, in same intensity as then, and it felt wonderful. As I am melody junkie, this album was treasure for me back in 2000. Every single song is little masterpiece ether musically or lyrically or both, carefully placed in order. There’s no need to analyse record song by song after all this time, as every single one can be released as single from “Don’t Panic” to “Everything’s Not Lost”.

I never had any hard feeling of betrayal or something similar regarding Coldplay, because for me they faded slowly, as every next material was little less after “Parachutes”. Anyway, one thing is for sure – if they as the band or Chris alone ever find new energy for studio recording “I’ll be waiting in line, just to see if I care“.