Summer eventually came, as we were all concerned for it during the rainy half of June, and even though I was hopping that the new Broken Bells album will be out by now to get me in the summer mood (since first single “Shelter” came out in December), ultimately I am rewarded with “Gold Past Life” from Fruit Bats, as more than decent soundtrack for the start of hot season.

Speaking about seasons… the first two verses in album-opening “The Bottom Of It”: “Now that you’ve gotten to the autumn of; Your years and you feel your best yet” instantly got me and brought a smile to my face, which stayed there till the end of record. It’s not that all the lyrics on this album are cheerful, but the way they are wrapped in music doesn’t allow you to feel down, as you will catch yourself tapping your feet to almost non existent rhythm section in the “Ocean”. The beauty of it is that mostly uplifting melodies are working just fine with different lyrical tones, not opposing to nostalgia (“Drawn Away”) or regret (“Gold Past Life”), and slow tracks like “Barely Living Room” are just decorating experience with a bit of sweet summer sadness.

I simply adore to listen to the whole albums, and very often I miss some good singles by overlooking them in constant search for fully shaped material. So, when I bump into the new record that’s worth listening to track by track, it somehow feels like personal achievement, and without exception it’s always “A Lingering Love”, which perfectly resembles my feelings towards “Gold Past Life” as well.